I could not have made my journey into the worlds of climate science and clean energy without the guidance, assistance, and support of many colleagues, relatives, and friends. Great appreciation is expressed first to Diana Landau, my patient editor, and Matt Clark, e-book designer extraordinaire. My map-making friends, Herb Heidt and Eliza McClennen, have shared their talents generously. On both of my trips to the Danish island of Samsø, Søren Hermansen and Malene Lundèn were welcoming and incredibly generous with their time, ideas, and insights. Another islander, Erik Peckar, hosted me with enthusiasm and kindness when I toured the exciting projects unfolding on Martha’s Vineyard. As I searched for organizations committed to involving youth in climate advocacy, Genie Stevens and Marina Weber provided inspiration with their Global Warming Express program, and Larry Craft introduced me to the work of iMatter and iMatterNow. Author and illustrator Lynne Cherry, who originated, produced, and directed the Young Voices for the Planet films, has shared those resources freely and been a continuing source of encouragement.

Special thanks go to the fifty-five donors to my Kickstarter fundraising project, which made possible the production of Sun, Wind, and Water: Clean Energy Solutions for Young Readers. I am so grateful for your generosity.

My sister Kye Cochran and her husband, Ron Pogue, began advocating for clean energy on the plains of Montana in the 1970s, long before solar and wind energy were fashionable. Their example pointed the way for me so many carbon-filled decades later.

The Youth and Climate Change e-book series was inspired by my grandchildren, Tom and Kay, who continue to fill me with joy as they progress toward adulthood. I cherish every moment with them.

Finally, no words are enough to express my gratitude to Sheila Bonnell, whose unconditional love and constant encouragement have buoyed my transition from academic psychologist to writer and climate activist. Her willingness to walk this path with me has given me the courage to forge ahead.

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